Potlux Kitchen

Authentic Asian Tastes in a Quick & Convenient Setting

Potlux Kitchen

Potlux Kitchen

Authentic Asian Tastes in a Quick & Convenient Setting

About Potlux Kitchen

12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Potlux Kitchen is a pan-Asian collection of Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese influences served up in a convenient and casual environment. Created by chef Eddie Lin, the signature brands at Potlux Kitchen include:

Hiro Ramen

This noodle concept focuses on Japanese ramen noodles, hibachi, and other authentic snacks and beverages. While ramen may seem ordinary, it requires precise seasoning by a chef with firm knowledge to make it authentic. Making the soup base alone is a process that requires nearly an entire day to ensure that it is both mellow and dense. Adding select auxiliary materials, hand-made noodles, and secret sauces creates a perfect bowl of Japanese ramen.

Hiro Ramen is a collaboration between Potlux Kitchen and the adjacent Yamato Noodle Company—where you can take classes on making ramen and other Japanese noodles!

Jiang Nan

JIANG NAN inherits the ethnic cooking skills of Chinese Cuisine, featuring Peking Duck, Xiao Long Bao (soup dumpling), Grill Fish and etc. as the signature dishes. We serve not only indulgent and comforting dining eperiences featuring the best of Chinese fusion flavors each month region of China, but also consistently high-quality food and ingredients and superior customer service.

With a practical attitude, diligent spirit, and innovative mindset, Jiangnan aims to achieve the strategic goal of expending to 40 stores across the East Coast, West Coast, and Florida over the next three years and offer every diner the unique experience of refined banquets and gathering through our Chinese fusion.

friendship bbq

First started as a Northeast Chinese style BBQ restaurant in New York, then quickly expanded to over 20 store across the US, Friendship BBQ has successfully became a well-known brand in America. As of this year, Friendship BBQ has set its foot in many major cities such as New York, Seattle, Los Angels, Houston, Orlando etc, and there are many more to come.

Friendship BBQ sources ingredients from local farmers, ensuring fresh and quality food that’s being served to customers. Signature dishes such as grill lamb with red willow branches, smoked beef skewers, and grill whole lamb rack etc, are extremely popular due to its distinguish taste and unique appearance.

The founder of Friendship BBQ, Lei Chen, has a dream of transforming a street food culture, the Chinese style BBQ, into a well-known brand. “Let everyone in the world get to know about what is authentic Chinese BBQ” said Lei Chen, in one of the mainstream media interviews, and he is on his way working toward it.

Chinese Noodle Shop Coming Soon

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